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Atmosphere Productions: Allyson & Dave - May 7th

It's always a nice touch when the banquet facility calls ahead of time to check if we have any requirements, before we have a chance to contact them. Allyson and Dave's wedding took us to the Trumbull Marriott where we had the pleasure of working with Linda Klein.  She made us aware of the best time to arrive and when we pulled in, her staff directed us to the proper entrance for an easy load-in.  For this we are truly appreciative. The Marriott's standard banquet room settings made for an easy set-up, with the specifications we had discussed with Allyson and Dave prior to their wedding: Music system set-up on the dance floor, guests tables surrounding and older guests seated away from the speakers.  This was a key element of the pre-planning. Cocktail Hour was held in the lobby area just outside the main ballroom.  We set up a remote broadcast speaker system, with no wires, transmitting a music mix of smooth jazz, standards and love songs, as requested. With approxi