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Surviving the First Dance - Ten Tips by Meredith Stead

Most couples intend to dance the traditional first dance, but most of them also know nothing at all about dancing! So as the big day approaches their sense of panic increases. Avoid anxiety by following a few easy tips. Plan ahead: You’re planning everything else associated with your wedding, why not your first dance? Ideally you should begin practicing 6 to 12 months ahead of time. Turn to professionals: Learning to dance is surprisingly painless. If you can’t afford private lessons at a local studio, look around for group classes (high schools, colleges and  community   centers  often offer courses). Or, buy an instructional videotape -learn at home and avoid the worry of looking awkward in front of others. Have options: If you are undecided about your first song, or can’t pick one, check the list of wedding dance songs available on this site. Try practicing to two or three different songs that both of you like, and choose the one that feels most comfortable. Less is more: