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Engaged.... Now What? 12 Things To Do After You Get Engaged.

Engaged…. Now What? 12 Things To Do After You Get Engaged. You’re engaged… Now what? Congratulations!!!! Someone’s popped the question and you said YES!!!! Yipeeeee!!!! Your First Task? Call your relatives, especially the ones you never really talk to. No matter how tempting DON’T post online FIRST pick up the phone and call your family members and friends. All of them. As a rule, no one likes to be the last to know. Consequently, getting the news via mass e-mail, or social media posts is problematic. So, set aside a few hours and go through your contacts. Together with your mom or sister or aunt or another family you can get this done in no time. This is an essential thing to do after you get engaged. Take A Ring Selfie Now that you’ve called family and friends, take that ring selfie. Why? A picture is worth a thousand words. So then, go ahead and open up that social media! Size Your Ring and Get It Insured If the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, you should take it to your jeweler to ge