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Top Dance Songs of 2010

2010 has been an exceptional year for rhythmic dance music - a catchy tune with a thumping base line and great anthem like lyrics, which would assure a packed dance floor. Unlike the nightclub scene with it's constant 120-160 Beats Per Minute, keeping the punters dancing all night long, weddings require a more varied approach.  You need to play the right mix of love songs, older dance songs but be able to mix in the new contemporary songs heard on today's radio stations.  This is noticeably why most club DJ's seldom make good wedding reception DJ's. There are always the standard party dance songs but this year we had a wealth of Top 40 Dance songs that guaranteed a packed dance floor - the sort of song you could play and even Grandma would come running to the dance floor.... well almost!! Here are just a few of 2010 releases that fired up the dance floor (in no particular order): Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Ke$ha - Lo