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Top 5 Secrets to Great Wedding Favors Unearthed

  Top 5 Secrets to Great Wedding Favors Unearthed By Neeraj Sharma .     Great wedding favors often go unnoticed during those elaborate dreamy weddings. These small tokens are the key towards making your guests happier and giving them something to remember the day by. Here is everything you need to know to thank you, guests, for the devotional presence on your special occasion.   1) Get Creative Instead of those regular old style monogrammed cards, prefer something that comes off as really cool and practical. Personalize your wedding favors with Clam Shell Gold Plastic, White Baskets, Favor Bags etc.   2) Pick something meaningful Choose those wedding favors that speak volumes for your personalities. Long gone are the old school for-the-sake-of-giving tokens. Let your guests know what you really feel about yourself! 3) Order Extra – just in case Always remember to order a bit more than the stipulated amount of wedding favors. Who knows you might get a surprise visit or two! So, keep a