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Creating Your Wedding Hashtag: 3 Important Steps

Want to be a social butterfly? Want to use Instagram at your wedding?  Want to blow up Twitter? Creating a wedding Hastag is easy and needs no registration.  Anyone on Instagram or Twitter can just choose one, so you need to think carefully and plan ahead: Don't Use The First Words Or Phrase You Think Of Pick Something You Can Easily Remember Make Your Guests WANT To Use It Selecting your wording is crucial because you don't want someone else's pictures mixed in with your collection.  So selecting something that is easily remembered and fun to use, is a must. Think of your wedding date in combination with your last name, first names or initial ...or something uniquely fun that your guests will think of only you. Think alphabetic characters (a-z, no special accents) and numbers.  All else fails add a word “happilyever” or “newlyweds”. Search and test your hashtag BEFORE the wedding to make sure another couple are not using the same. Now spread the word on s