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17 Things To Think About When Planning Your Wedding

Are you or is someone you know having a wedding reception? Here are 17 things you probably never even thought of that professional mobile deejay, Dan Nichols of Michigan Wedding DJ in Michigan suggests, make for better parties. I first want to point out that it is rare that all these items are followed in any given event but the more you can adhere to them, the more likely your party will be at full steam come closing time. 1) Don't put the older guests next to the dance floor/speakers. If you have to ask why, then you may want to hire a harpist all night.  2) Don't cram your entertainment out of the way -- your entertainer should be seen. Powerful entertainers will work to get people on the dance floor but they must be seen as part of the action, not just some side show. 3) A party should end when it shouldn't end, not when it should. Ending a party before it dies down leaves everyone with the impression the floor was packed all night. It just feels better when peop