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I Have A Gripe.....

….. about a few Wedding Officiants who show up ten minutes before an outdoor wedding ceremony. As the bride & groom, you are expected to arrive in a timely fashion for your ceremony.  When you arrive, you expect the seats to be properly placed, flowers in order and the isle and alter to be ready to go.  In a Church setting, it is the priest or rabbi’s responsibility.  At a banquet facility, some of those responsibilities fall on the banquet manager.  So, what is expected of the officiate or JP? Showing up 10 minutes before the bride is scheduled to walk down the isle is inappropriate, but all too common.  As the officiate, you most likely were involved in the rehearsal. Don’t get me wrong… Not ALL Wedding Officiants are the same.  We know and recommend some wonderful and highly professional Wedding Officiants here . Someone who cares about their work and YOUR ceremony should arrive a minimum of 30 minutes PRIOR to guest arrival (that is a FULL HOUR prior to ceremony time).  In that