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Review: Vincent Ingala's Coast To Coast

Vincent Ingala's third album is inspired by his now 8 month move to Longbeach, California from Prospect, CT.  The tracks "Coast To Coast" and "Making The Journey" exemplifies that trek from East Coast to West Coast.  This album was two years in the making. The title track is already getting exclusive air play across the pond in the UK via our good friend Rich Edwards show SmoothGrooves on GFM 96.6FM, Gloucester FM . This third outing is a maturing of sorts, for a young man that still has much more untapped potential waiting to escape.  But i'm biased.  For sure, those that where there from the beginning already know this.  Vincent's parents Leo and Dawn knew that "there was something special going on and this was confirmed when in fifth grade he mastered the keyboard before trading it in for the saxophone." Once again Vincent's determination and zest for life is evident on every track of this new release.  Not only did he write s

Choose A Seat Not A Side

Not the traditional Bride and Groom? Don’t fancy the idea of having his family seated on one side during the ceremony, and yours on the other? In ancient times, marriage was often used to resolve conflicts and threats of war. Prior to the Union, the tribes of the bride and groom were still hostile, and therefore were seated on opposite sides to prevent bloodshed.  The groom would often have to defend his bride against kidnappers during the ceremony. The bride stood on the groom’s left hand side so that his sword arm was free to attack or defend. I'd like to think that those days are over. So, if you don't want to segregate your guests during a time when both families are coming together, here are some suggested signs that can solve your problem: Choose a seat not a side. We're all family once the knot is tied. Find a seat, stay as long as you can. We are all friends here so there is no seating plan. As two families become one we ask that you choose a