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3 Things NOT To Forget On Your Wedding Day

3 Things NOT To Forget On Your Wedding Day.     Good preparation usually ensures perfection. However, for all the preparation weddings take, there are some things that are usually forgotten. I usually carry an extra pair of shoes, when loading my DJ equipment and stuff for an upcoming event.  Why?  You guessed right….. Years ago I forgot to bring a spare pair of shoes and the heel broke right off in the middle of the wedding while showing everyone how to do The Electric Slide!!   Here are 3 things NOT to forget on your wedding day: Her Gift, His Gift These are the gifts that the Bride gives to the Groom, and the Groom gives to the Bride… a little something to each other to remember the day by.   A perfect wedding gift for the Bride is usually jewelry. A simple necklace to complement the ring or a bracelet with the Bride and Grooms names engraved. A perfect wedding gift for the Groom is a pair of cufflinks to go with the outfit for their wedding day. Want to keep it simple? ….. write e