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My Wedding Cake by Donna Everett, Creative Cakes by Donna

A wedding cake is a reflection of a bride’s personality and can range from “Elegant and Simple” to “Fun and ‘Funky”, or “Seasonal and Creative”. Don’t be afraid of color! Orange roses look awesome and create a warm and fuzzy look on a soft yellow frosting. Do not buy a wedding cake based on looks alone. Many have been gravely disappointed. Price doesn’t always match quality when it comes to a wedding cake. An experienced cake decorator can usually duplicate any photo you can throw at her. Always go to a reputable baker. Ask around. And finally, taste! Don’t let a dry, cardboard cake finish off a great meal. Give your guests a dessert they can talk about. End your meal on a delicious, positive note. A wedding cake has four components. It should be a focal point in the room. (Besides you, of course) The cake should be moist. If it has filling, it should be light and not stick to the roof of your mouth and the frosting should not be solid lard! Ask the baker what goes into