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What's it all about....? A Line Dancing History (Part Two)

So you made it through last weeks part one….. Did it change your mind on those over played wedding songs that you love to hate. Here’s some more trivia: Da Butt: Sung and performed by E.U (Experience Unlimited) from the 1988 Spike Lee movie “School Daze”. The song has it’s own dance, which involves simply shaking your butt when instructed by the lyrics.  Spike Lee directed the video for this, and even appeared in it, shaking his butt. This is one of the biggest hits with the “go-go” sound – a fun mixture of dance, rap, and funk. “Go-go” has been popular in the Washington, DC area since the ’70’s. The Achy Breaky Heart:  Sung by Billy Ray Cyrus from Flatwoods, Ky, who bought a guitar at age 20, then played in local bands named Sly Dog and the Breeze. He spent 1984 to 1986 in Los Angeles, looking for a recording contract and supporting himself by selling cars.  Next he lived in Huntington, W.Va., and traveled regularly to Nashville in search of the elusive recording deal. Finally, Cyrus