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7 Father Of The Bride Speech Tips

The Father of the Bride Speech.  He’s usually considered the host of the wedding, so he is often the first speaker of the event. There are some things he has to cover. Here’s an outline for the Father of the Bride speech: Start by Welcoming the Groom’s parents, then the other relatives, and finally the friends that are in attendance. Thank the people who have helped putting the event together. Compliment the Bride on her appearance. Talk about the Bride, her accomplishments, and her life so far. Congratulate the Groom and welcome him to the family. Offer your advice and wish them well. Make the actual Toast to the Bride and Groom. Get more Free Wedding Speech Tips by Email This is an example of just one of the tips we’ll send you in our Free Wedding Speech Tips email series.  Sign up  here , and we’ll send you a series of 10 emails, one per day, that are filled with tips just like this.  We’ll also offer you some more in-depth tips and help creating a wedding spee