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Custom Wedding Pillows

Custom Wedding Pillows by Cheryl Polk. Here’s a unique gift idea for the Bride that has almost everything….Custom Wedding Pillows. Custom Wedding Pillows In the first place, these pillows are such a unique way to display treasured memories in any room of your home.  Custom Wedding Pillows are square pillows which come in 5 different sizes, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 26”. Also, available in three styles, no zippered, zipped cover without pillow insert and zipped cover with pillow insert. Plus, a new line of signature pillows, which is created with the best quality graphics on the market. The prices range from $35 to $125. Custom Wedding Pillows create pre-designed pillows that give you the option to choose a background. Notably, their custom designs allow you choose every element from the background, frames, jewels, color, flowers, etc. Moreover, this makes your keepsake your very own creation for any theme and for any culture. THE IDEA BEHIND CUSTOM WEDDING PILLOWS Owners Cheryl P