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Setting The Tone Of Your Event With Cocktail and Dinner Music

So exactly who wants to hear two hours of Kenny G music? Sure, there are those that want to set that tone, but you don't have to play a "standard mix of jazz favorites" or boring "elevator music" at your wedding. Imagine how different things would feel at your wedding if during the Cocktail hour, we played a mix of recorded music by Jimmy Buffett, Shaggy, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson? What about some of those long lost hits of the 80's - Katrina and the Waves, Eurythmics, Modern English , Prince, Culture Club. What about an hour of Spanish guitar music? Or a mix of Italian "mob hits" classics such as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra? How about set more of a piano bar sing along style feel to social hour: KT Tunstall - Black Horse and The Cherry Tree, Stevie Wonder - Boogie On Reggae Woman, Uncle Cracker - Follow Me, Billy Joel - Piano Man and Elton John

Wedding Tip - Stress Free Reception Planning

Here at ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS we encourage planning. It is THE key to a successful reception. As what is probably the most important day of your life approaches we give you these words of encouragement to relax you and control help your anxiety: COMMUNICATE YOUR FEELINGS : Be open and honest about your feelings and what you want for your special day. PACE YOURSELF : Don't try to tackle all your plans at once. Accomplish one major job a day. HAVE A SYSTEM : Try to break down each task into organized steps. Share the responsibilities with your significant other. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF : Eat right and be sure to get lots of exercise. You'll feel better for it. This is a great time to start compiling your bridal information and complete the Bridal Party Introductions Forms sent to you when you originally booked with us (additional printed forms available for download from our website): http://www