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Atmosphere Productions: 10 Things a Maid of Honor Should Expect to Do

If you took a fashion consultant, party planner, therapist, press secretary, cheerleader, department manager and witness and rolled them all into one person, then dressed her in satin with matching heels and shoved a bouquet into her hand, you’d have yourself a maid (or matron) of honor.   It’s a big job, as anyone who’s ever held it knows, but if managed properly, it should be a big source of joy, not of stress—for both the bride and the MOH. For both parties, communication is the key to a good experience; brides need to share their wishes (note: wishes are not orders), and maids of honor should ask what the bride wants or needs them to do.  Here are ten things a maid of honor should expect to do for her bride: Help the bride select her gown and the bridesmaid’s gowns. Host a shower for the bride (perhaps with the bridesmaids) and let people know where the bride and groom are registered. Serve as an enthusiastic sounding board for wedding decisions , while re