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Atmosphere Productions: Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Lighting

Notice the difference with our new Blizzard Lighting’s Puck Q6A Unplugged ™ Flat LED fixtures featuring 6 state-of-the-art 10-Watt Quad-Color LED’s, with extreme output and exceptional color mixing with thousands of color combinations. They're fully battery operated and can be placed anywhere in your facility.  Our fixtures are presented in square black cloth boxes and fit ANY decor. Don't be fooled by someone offering cheaper old school PAR Cans.  These older lights have colors that are limited and cannot be altered throughout the night.  They are bigger (think STAGE LIGHTING) and harder to make inconspicuous. The biggest problem: You need to plug them into the wall and need LOTS of extension cords.  The PAR can will heat up (YES, you can burn yourself!) and may be a fire hazard and sometimes give off an odor. DO YOU WANT THIS AT YOUR WEDDING: OR THIS FIRE HAZARD!!!! So know the difference... ask to see pictures and pay a professional to do it RIG