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Wedding Tip - Securing the Safety of Your Digital Wedding Images

Securing the Safety of Your Digital Wedding Images By Bob Hennessy Professional photographers have known for some time that the longevity of DVD’s and CD’s are suspect. I can remember in the early 90’s manufacturers were touting the 100-year life span of CD’s. Keeping a close ear to the industry has helped professionals steer clear of those claims and find real safe guards and solutions for keeping their digital media safe. First you should know that not all CD’s are created equal and it would serve you well to do a little research as to the most reliable. The same holds true for the DVD format but currently seems to be less volatile. Volatile is not an extreme word to use in describing the longevity of these products. It’s been the experience of some that CD’s have deteriorated to an unreadable condition in months. For those of you who remember vinyl records it is easy for you to envision the scratches and marks on those LP’s making them unplayable. Well the same happens to CD

Pastime Diversions - What To Do With Your Out-of-Towners

As a lover of Jazz music, from playing Jazz/Funk records in the clubs in the late 70's to working with the late Jazz legend and Hartford resident Jackie McLean's daughter Melonae (yes "Little Melonae" is about her), then Music Director and Afternoon Drive-Time host at R&B, Soul & Jazz station WKND in the late 80's and early 90's, I've always appreciated the sheer delight of outdoor Jazz festivals.... talk about "cool and smooth jazz". It was during this past weekend's 2010 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz , sitting along the hillside in the scenic Bushnell Park, that I realized that there is an awful lot to do in and around the Hartford area and Connecticut as a whole, during the busy wedding season.  If your planning a reception that involves out-of-towners you can show them a good time with these area activities: The Connecticut Science Center :   You can't miss this impressive new structure in downtown Hartford near the R