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Atmosphere Productions: Choosing Wedding Rings That Will Express Your Love Forever

After the bouquet is tossed, the cake is cut, and music from the last dance has faded away, one part of your wedding endures—your wedding rings.  While these tokens may not be the details that catch the eye of your guests, you and your spouse will look at them every day—hopefully, for the rest of your lives. Your choice should reflect who you are, as individuals and a couple. Match Game Do your rings have to match? Not unless you want them to. For some women, it’s critical that their engagement ring and wedding band go perfectly together. If the band is also expected to match the husband’s, that may seriously limit his choices. So don’t feel pressured to buy wedding bands as a matched set. The reality is, you’re not going to be physically attached at the left hand for the next fifty years: no one will notice or care if you’re not wearing identical rings. If coordination is important to you, get rings of the same metal with complementary, but not identical, styles. Style Points