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5 Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Filmmaker

5 Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Filmmaker.     Your wedding filmmaker truly captures the spirit and magic of your big day in living sound and color.   And so, with advancements in digital technology, the quality of the wedding filmmaker video has improved dramatically over the last few years.  Most wedding filmmakers now shoot with small, discreet digital video cameras.   So what do you look for?  We asked Rachel from  Olive Ewe Productions to give us 5 Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Filmmaker:   See Their Work Look I get it, there’s a billion and one things to consider when planning your wedding.  Sometimes the last thing you want to do is make another decision.   But trust me when I say its worth it to make a careful decision for the things that will last long past your actual date. That is also one of the greatest parts about planning a wedding!   Rarely in our lives does an occasion hold such importance that it justifies us to be so intentional with our choices. Choosing your