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Atmosphere Productions: 13 Useful Tips For Our Grooms-to-be

Here are a few tips and suggestions we've gathered over our 30 years experience to help our Grooms on the biggest day of their lives: Once the "proposal" has been accepted and the date set, take time read lots of wedding related books and magazines... if that doesn't help consult a professional wedding coordinator who explain exactly what the wedding process entails.  Don't spend the most important day of your life wearing someone else's  pants and shoes.  If you can afford it buy your formal wear or tailored suit.  You'll then always have a formal suit to use again for another formal function. If you have a member of the Bridal Party who is NOT well organized, don't entrust them with coordinating elements of your Bachelor Party or Wedding.  They will not miraculously become organized when you need them to be so. Get a hair cut several weeks BEFORE the wedding date.  If theirs a problem you'll have time to correct your cropped locks. Add a lit

Atmosphere Productions: Jessica & Kevin - July 30th

Jessica and Kevin are one of those couples who look so comfortable together can tell from the first time you meet them that they are truly in love. The Riverview was the location for the reception after a Ceremony at St. Mary's Church also in Simsbury.  The Riverview's Grand Ballroom, with it's crystal chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows, cathedral ceilings, and long bowling alley style polished granite dance floor, pose acoustic issues if the sound system is not set up correctly. Atmosphere Productions uses a three speaker set-up on speaker stands, run at intervals in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, on the dance floor, facing the guests.  With this set-up we spread the sound across the room, instead of causing an echo effect with the cathedral ceilings.  At this facility, with guest counts over 150, we typically add a fourth speaker or sub-woofer to fill in the bass. Rich from Rich Pomerantz Photography took some really excellent shots in and ar