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The moment of your proposal is one you want etched upon your fiancee's brain--in a good way--for the rest of your lives. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and it seems almost impossible to do something original, something grand enough to honor your love and the commitment you're about to make to each other.

Let's take some of the pressure off right now: bigger is not always better. It's not necessary to propose using a skywriter or fireworks. To create a proposal that is a fitting start to your lives together, here are a few things you must think about.

Consider your audience. No, not the untold millions who will see the video of your proposal on YouTube. The person to whom you're proposing. Think long and hard about her personality, her style, her likes. Is she shy and reserved? You might want to rethink that flash mob proposal you're mentally choreographing.

The ring is the thing. Women have very different takes on engagement rings. Some hope to be surprised with their dream ring. Others would be chagrined if they didn't have a role in choosing the diamond that will adorn their left hand forever. Try to get a feel for which camp your girlfriend falls into. If you feel you can't without blowing the surprise, make sure the ring you pick out is returnable, and assure her that if she doesn't love it, you can pick something out together.

It's not a burial. Of the ring, that is. We know a groom in Stamford who snuck the engagement ring into a pumpkin his girlfriend was getting ready to carve. She didn't notice the diamond sparkling among the goop and seeds she was merrily scooping out. You've heard horror stories about rings tossed out with half-eaten plates of spaghetti, getting choked on in a forkful of tiramisu. Bottom line: you should never play hide-and-seek with something that cost more than your first car. Slip the ring onto her finger, not into her dinner.

Timing is everything. A tip we received from a career jewelry store employee: Avoid proposing on holidays and birthdays. Instead, make an ordinary day your own personal holiday. It should go without saying not to propose at someone else's wedding; it's rude to draw attention to yourselves when all eyes should be on another bride and groom. Proposing a couple of weeks before a wedding you're going to attend together? Sheer genius. Your news won't eclipse the wedding, and your fiancee's enjoyment of the event will be enhanced as she anticipates her own big day.

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