Atmosphere Productions: Three Unique Wedding Gifts They'll Love

Sometimes brides and grooms make it easy on their guests by registering for the gifts they want. Some families and cultures have a tradition of giving cash gifts--also easy. The rest of the time, guests are on their own.

It's easy to choose a gift. It's hard to choose a great one. Every year there are "trendy" gifts, and they may be good ones, but they're not the ones that are cherished. (Ask anyone who got married in 1975 and got seven fondue pots). To give a truly memorable gift, one that will make the bride and groom think fondly of you with every use, the key is to focus on your bride and groom and their interests. Here are three unique ideas that make welcome gifts:

Memory and Memento: 
Ideally, your gift will be something tangible, but also experiential. Put another way, it will give the bride and groom a physical thing they can cherish along with a memory associated with the item. If, for instance, the wedding couple loves Japanese cooking, you could buy them some fabulous chopsticks--hand painted, perhaps, or engraved--along with a sushi cookbook and tools so they can whip up their own romantic meals. A great gift for wine lovers would be tickets for a tour of the Connecticut Wine Trail, packaged together with some beautiful wine glasses and a corkscrew.

The Perfect Wedding Night:
Another gift sure to be cherished is that of a special place to spend the wedding night.  Though it requires a little advance planning, the gift of a night at a charming bed and breakfast or a honeymoon suite at the most elegant hotel downtown will never be forgotten. Obviously, this gift would need to be presented far enough in advance of the wedding so that the bride and groom don't make other plans. You'll also want to make sure it's close enough to the reception site that getting there won't be a slog for the exhausted bride and groom.

The Gift of Time (Capsules):
If you're long on love for the wedding couple, but short on cash, making them a time capsule may be the way to go. You can buy kits online to create a time capsule, or make your own. You'll want to include things like the wedding invitation and program, a favor from the reception, blossoms from a wedding bouquet or centerpiece, and notes from friends on acid-free paper, sealed in envelopes. If space permits, you could also include a newspaper and magazine from the week of the wedding. This is one gift that is guaranteed to produce a smile in 25 years...or more.

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