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From Connecticut to Anywhere: Transporting Your Wedding with Creative Decor

Before you read any further, remember this: your wedding can be stunningly beautiful with decor no more complicated than flowers, a few candles, and accent linens in your chosen colors.

That said, a world of creative wedding decor options is open to you, and they need not be expensive or manufactured. Google "wedding decor" and the first several hits are for places that want to sell you stuff. Stuff to make your wedding pretty. Stuff you'll probably never use again. Stuff that has no soul. It will cost you pots of money and be absolutely unmemorable.

So what's a bride (or groom) to do? You know the answer already, I suspect. This writer planned her wedding in the cold, primitive days of the late 20th century, when our only source for wedding inspiration was bridal magazines (designed to sell stuff, and see above) and our older cousins' weddings (which, by definition, was "been there, done that.") But now, in this civilized era, we have Pinterest. If you waited to start pinning wedding ideas until you were actually engaged, you're probably behind the curve.

Having gotten to live vicariously through friends' and family's wedding planning on Pinterest, here are a couple of my favorite ideas:

Balloons: Balloons are great wedding decor: they're colorful, inexpensive, festive, and get people looking up. But you're missing the boat if you're just anchoring them to tables with that cellophane wrapped thingamajig from the balloon store. Instead of using the paper ribbon that the balloons are tied to, swap in fishing line. The balloons will appear to float magically in midair without drifting off. For an outdoor wedding, use golf tees to anchor the fishing line to the ground. Use randomly, or create an aisle. Consider tying lightweight fabric between groups of balloons to create a canopy, like this.

Confetti: Confetti is easy to buy, but it's not that hard to make, and it looks so much more elegant than pieces of shiny plastic stamped out by the millions in some factory in China. A heart shaped hole punch or die cut stamper can be used to make confetti of old books, like these vintage French paper hearts. And instead of throwing rice, birdseed, or paper confetti, or even blowing bubbles, how about having guests toss sprinkles? (Do it outside, of course, and have the sprinkles at the ready in miniature cups so guests don't stain their hands). It looks great in pictures!
More wedding decor ideas gleaned from Pinterest, and other sites, in the weeks to come. What are some of your favorites? Join and follow us Atmosphere Productions on Pinterest

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