Atmosphere Productions: Why Should I Protect My Wedding?

Insuring your wedding is more than just an increasingly popular trend, it’s a super smart move that will give you tremendous piece of mind, from the day you get engaged until the wedding is over.

We caught up with Steven Lauro from the WedSafe wedding insurance program to get the more details on why the most important day of your life deserves an extra safety net.

Why should the average bride and groom protect their wedding with wedding insurance?

Couples invest significant amounts of time, energy and money in creating their beautiful day. That financial investment should be protected with wedding insurance. Once wedding plans get underway, couples make deposits and payments that may be non-refundable. From relatively small issues that might cause you to incur additional expenses, to unforeseen circumstances that cause the cancellation or postponement of the entire reception, insuring your event is the way to protect your day, your dream and your financial investment.

Many venues require the host to obtain Event Liability Insurance to protect the host and the venue in the event of an injury or damage to property. Events of all kinds pose liability risks, which is why many venues require liability insurance in order to use their facility.

What are some unexpected instances that a bride might not think of, but you’ve seen arise?

We have seen hurricanes and other weather events force the cancellation weddings; theft of gifts at the reception; photographs lost or damaged requiring additional expenses to re-shoot; weddings being forced to relocate at the last minute for any number of reasons; injuries and sickness preventing key members of the event from attending. These are all examples of actual events that triggered coverage and the policy responded by reimbursing couples for their covered losses, saving couples many thousands of dollars.

How much does the average wedding insurance policy cost?

Wedding insurance policies start at only $75 in most states. The average cost for a policy is under $200. The cost of weddings themselves can have a broad range, and the insurance to protect that level of investment can vary based on that and other factors. WedSafe offers instant, no-hassle quotes and the ability to purchase easily online in just minutes.

Last thoughts?

First, take as much enjoyment as you can in planning your special day. Second, establish your overall budget. Third, once you begin placing any deposits with the venue or other vendors, stop by and obtain an instant, no-obligation rate quote. Both Event Cancellation and Event Liability insurance products can be purchased easily online in just minutes. It is your dream, your day. Protect them!

Visit Wed Safe Wedding Insurance and read more about why any bride or groom planning a wedding should strongly consider purchasing wedding insurance.

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