Atmosphere Productions: Remember, It's His Wedding Too....

Today, many Grooms want to get involved in the wedding planning process.  Some just don't know where to start and others don't want to step on any toes.  So here are 8 tips to pull your man in to the decision-making process:

1. Don't forget that it's HIS wedding day, too. Don't assume he doesn't care, maybe he thinks that YOU don't care what he thinks. Ask him for real and not just "babe, what do you think about this thing I've already selected."

2. Open a dialogue about what HE hopes to see and do on the day. What would he consider a fail? What does success look like? You might be surprised by the answers.....

3. Explain your thought process and show him what you like and why. He might've been to a few weddings, but I guarantee he wasn't looking at the lace tablecloths, the chairs covers or the icing on the wedding cake.  Explain why you want to make certain decisions, what each means to me, and why you want to experience something different.

4. Let him be a "dude". Accept the fact that he will never care about the subtle differences between burgundy, wine, and cranberry and your wedding isn't going to change that one bit. Don't make him guess, tell him exactly what makes you happy and reinforce the positive like you should already be doing in your relationship. At the end of the day, he really just wants to make you his wife.

5. Let him be creative. Your man might just surprise you with his ideas. Put him in charge of something he likes.... selecting the limo or picking the entertainment.

6. If you ask him to handle it, let him. Love and trust him enough to know that he will do right by you as it relates to your wedding plans and your life together.

7. Throughout the process, remind him that he's what's important beyond the flowers and planning 'stuff'. At the end of the day isn't getting married what the entire process is all about?

8. Finally, let him dress and groom himself. If he's totally hopeless and can't even groom or dress himself, why are you marrying him? Offer your opinions and then refer back to number 6.

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