Planning Your Summer Wedding - Start Today! By Christy Baker

There are so many perks to summer weddings that this is the time that most people plan to have their own weddings. Summer weddings are perfect when it comes to weather, scenery, and even the attitudes of other people, which are made much more pleasant by the presence of the sun and warm weather.

Picture it now: nice warm gusts of wind, an outdoor setting, bright colors and the sounds of birds in the air without a single cloud in the sky…

Of course, you can’t really change the weather, but you can try to. The weather forecast is not always the most reliable thing, especially when you really need to be able to count on the five-day forecast the most.

There are a few facets to summer wedding planning that any bride-to-be or wedding planner should keep in mind, and the first one actually is the weather. Many people plan their weddings for the summer time because the weather is a bit more predictable during this time. If you’re lucky, you will get beautiful sunshine, a light, cooling breeze and a nice clear night for the reception.

If you are like any other bride in the world, chances are that it will probably rain on your parade, so it is always best to have a backup location for your wedding or reception if the venue is outdoors. In some areas of the United States, summer weddings are great except for those few extremely hot days that roll around every year, and who wants to put off their own wedding due to extremely high temperatures? Don’t torture yourself or your guests, and make sure that you have a plan should the weather not be appropriate for your shindig.

As far as your wedding venue goes, if you are planning to have a summer wedding, you want to keep your guests in mind at all times. Summer weather can be brutal, so having shady places available (even if they are only trees or tents) is a must for any summer wedding. In addition, having enough refreshments for everyone when it is hot is also important. Whether or not they have a bottle of water next to their chairs could be the difference between your guests staying for the ceremony and sneaking out when you turn your back to take your vows.

Summer wedding planning can be a tricky thing as the weather patterns in most places in the summer are so much different than they are the rest of the year. It is best to plan your festivities according to the movements of the sun, unless you are having a night-time wedding, as this can keep your guests from cooking as well as yourself. After all, it is the bride that is going to be wearing the most clothing at a summer wedding, anyway.

Summer weddings are about fun, flirtatiousness, sunshine and happiness. Bring a little of all of that into your summer wedding planning and you will truly have a party and ceremony to remember forever.

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Planning Your Summer Wedding - Start Today! By Christy Baker

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