13 Wedding Tips You Need To Know

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13 Wedding Tips You Need To Know…. BEFORE your wedding day!     


Or Because a million and one things can go wrong, and sometimes do. Here’s 15 wedding tips you’re glad someone told you about beforehand!


Arrange for your wedding party to get to know each other before the wedding day.

Some couples forget this simple detail.  Your friends may have moved away or you’ve met new friends from different parts of the country. Sometimes, even different parts of the World. Therefore, the wedding party should get together for a casual meet-and-greet before the stress of planning the wedding starts.


Make sure you do a call to action on your save-the-date card.

Got a wedding website? Add a call to action, some wording that will actually propel your guests to check it out.  Once there, set it up so that they get some information on your ceremony and reception.  Also, post your registry information, have them RSVP from the website, or whatever it is you have to offer them.


Learn how to respectfully say “NO!”

As the Bride and Groom, something will inevitably arise during the planning stages and you’ll have to just say “NO!” Remember to smile, take a deep breath, don’t get emotional and just say “NO!”  It’s your day and you get to make the final decision.


Try your dress on the day before your wedding.

Most Brides will do this any, but it’s a good reminder.  The Groom, the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids should also do the same.


Get your ring professionally cleaned.

Most jewelers will do this for FREE!!  Go back to the jewelry store and schedule a cleaning before your wedding day.  Even after your married, this is a good yearly practice.


Appoint someone you trust as your day of “Designated Texter”.

Your family and friends will want to contact you on the day of your wedding…. it’s only natural!  But, you may need a buffer or a gatekeeper to field those not so important message.


Give someone the task of feeding you the morning of your wedding day.

As the Bride and Groom, you may think it’s obvious that you have to eat.  Nevertheless, there’s a million and one things going on and you may need a reminder before time gets away from you.


Plan out your pictures with your professional photographer ahead of time.

Every Bride and Groom should have a list of EXACTLY who they want in pictures.  Therefore, you can no structure that into individual group shots for the photographer.  They may even suggest sets of picture you didn’t event think about.


Make sure you have body tape or double-sided tape in your emergency kit.

The Bridesmaids certainly don’t want a Janet Jackson type incident on your wedding day.  So, have an emergency kit filled Aspirin, needle and thread, water, duct tape and the always useful double-sided tape.


You’ll need three pairs of shoes.

Why three? Well, the Bride needs slippers for getting ready, heels for the ceremony (break them in before you wear them down the aisle), and flats for the DANCING.


Don’t schedule your wedding pictures at high noon.

The sun is at it’s harshest at noon. So, speak with your photographer on the best time to schedule wedding pictures, family pictures and group shots.


Wait a day (or two) before you leave for your honeymoon.

You’ll be thankful that you did.  Most Bride and Grooms are particularly tired directly after the wedding reception. So, take some time to rest and relax before you head out on that honeymoon.


Write your thank-you notes as you receive and open your gifts.

Yes, it’s the most tedious part, but it HAS TO BE DONE…. writing those Thank You notes.  Get yourself organized and you’ll get it done much quicker than you thought.  Have your Thank You notes ready when you start opening those gifts.  Have a template written of what you’d like to say, then customize it to EVERY guest who sent you a gift.



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13 Wedding Tips You Need To Know

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