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Blowing Your Wedding Budget? Here’s 7 Unexpected Costs You Didn’t Plan On.  


Those unexpected costs are the trickiest part of planning your wedding budget and sticking to it.  Just when you thought you’d figured everything out, here comes another unexpected cost…  What to do?


Here are the top items that most couples overlook:



This is the NO 1 item most Brides forget to plan for and become unexpected costs. Depending on the style you choose, alterations can add up to a few hundred dollars extra.



Make sure you’re prepared for the additional time and the staff’s overtime costs. If your venue allows overtime, check the contract for possible addition fees, they could be steep if not planned in advance. Of course, you should get it in writing.  Also, check with your other vendors, especially entertainment. If everyone is having a great time you might want to keep the party going but you don’t want to blow your budget.



Large spaces require lots of speakers, and some entertainers charge for extra equipment. If your Ceremony is in one location, your Cocktail Hour is another and your Dinner and Dancing is in yet another location, then understand that additional unexpected costs will be involved.  Each additional location requires extra manpower and equipment and therefore more money.  Layout the space with your vendor from the beginning.


Goodie Bags

Having goodie bags waiting for your out-of-town guests at their hotel is a nice touch. But in addition to the time and cost of putting the bags together, don’t forget who’s gonna hand them out.  You might need to plan on paying your hotel for the service distributing them to each room.


Vendor Meals

Without a doubt one of the most overlooked expenses.  Your vendors need to eat.  Especially, the photographer and videographer who have been with you since the beginning of the day need to eat!


Guests Favors

OK! So they FUN!! At $4-$10 each with approximately 150 guests, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the unexpected costs.  Remember, favors aren’t required! If you’re providing dessert, a doughnut wall or a candy table and a great night of entertainment, then, your guests won’t mind the lack of a favor.



Your vendors deserve tips, especially if they’ve helped you through the planning process and made your day easier.  Unfortunately, it’ll be more than just a few bucks/person!  The Knot provides a handy tipping schedule.


These are just a few of the unexpected costs you could run into.  It’s our experience that if you plan ahead these unexpected costs will become part of your budget.


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Blowing Your Wedding Budget? Here's 7 Unexpected Costs You Didn't Plan On

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